I'm happy to offer a no hassle adoption process:

Because the breeder you select should work with you instead of judge every aspect of your life through "extensive" applications.

  Instead of requiring adopters to participate in lengthy interviews and questionnaires, I take a more individualized approach. I want to work with you, not judge your answers to life style questions on a generic form. Adding a new family member is an intimate experience and should be personalized to you and the animal you're getting. 

I ask all adopting HogParents to read the care page of this website and to have their hoglet's cage ready before the scheduled pick up. If you have any questions before or after taking your hoggo home, I will refer you back to this website as a resource and answer your questions. 

-  I offer hoglets, baby hedgehogs, listed below that can be claimed directly online. I ask that you contact me via email or text to let me know you've sent a payment towards a listed hoglet. We'll then move forward from there

-  I offer adult animals periodically. Adult animals are claimed the same way as the hoglets listed above. 

If you've already adopted an animal from me, I'm always happy to help with any questions you may have. Even though the sale has taken place, I still care deeply for you and your hoggo. Some of the best friends I have met entered my life through getting a hedgehog from me. 

Getting a new best friend is an exciting and joyous event and I love being a part of it. Thank you for choosing me as your breeder and trusting me with such an important event in your life. ~ Crystal  

If you would like to claim a a hedgehog;

All hedgehogs are prepay only!

I am scheduling pickup for Wednesdays until May 1st. After May 1st, I will have much more flexibility on availability for pickup!

All babies and young adults are only $100

Paypal link: paypal.me/CrystalG411/100

All adults over one year of age are $75

paypal link:



For paying in full, please use these links:


FOR A LIMITED TIME! Hedgehogs over 6 months old WILL INCLUDE THEIR CAGE! while supplies last! The new owner will only need to buy a heater from a pet store. 

To send payments via PayPal, please use this email address: crystallina86@gmail.com

Or the provided links. 

To send payments via  ZELLE please use the email address crystallina86@gmail.com

You can also send payments via VENMO


No-shows for scheduled pick ups forfeit all payments. I ask for 24 hours notice in rescheduling. When rescheduling, the above mentioned policies apply from the date of original correspondence and do not "renew" or "start over",  

Inability to pick up a paid for hoglet within 7 days of payment, voids reservation of the animal. Refunds are not issued so only make a payment if you are sure you'd like a hedgehog as a pet and can pick the animal up within the allotted time frame.

When you adopt a hedgehog you agree that you understand how to care for it, it's behavior, and to give your new addition fair and ample time to adjust to it's new home. 

Payments are not refundable.

Cages and supplies are not included with any purchase.

You must be aged 18 or older to adopt a hedgehog.

No animals sold are to be used for breeding.

All who purchase hedgehogs from me agree that they will not breed the animal. Breeding will result in having to pay damages due to a breach of the "no breeding" contract that must be signed upon pickup. 

Please note: my licensing and insurance does not allow the public into my home to view animals. I do not have a physical pet shop. 

All adopters must sign a transfer of ownership form when picking up their animal. This form is required by law. 

I reserve the right to deny placing an animal in a home if I believe it is not a good fit. This is for both the well being of the animal and the well being of the inquiring party. If a party is declined, a refund will be issued.

AS OF MARCH 20th- No returns can be accepted as a precaution concerning the COVID 19 pandemic.

As of April 1st- I am currently in the process of retiring from breeding, this means that I will no longer be accepting returns or offering exchanges. 

Policies may change at any time