If you would like to claim a a hoglet;

To claim a hedgehog listed above

You can claim an above listed hoglet by sending your $100 payment  (plus $7 tax) to paypal.me/CrystalG411/107

**Please follow up with either a paypal note, text or email to thealternativehedgehog@gmail.com stating your name, contact number and which hedgehog you have reserved. 

Hedgehogs must be pre paid in full in order to be claimed.

All pickups on hoglets labeled "Can go home now" must be scheduled within 7 days.

Payments are not refundable.

Cages and supplies are not included with any purchase.

I do not sell animals for breeding purposes

No animals sold are to be used for breeding.

All who purchase hedgehogs from me agree that they will not breed the animal. Breeding will result in having to pay damages due to a breach of the "no breeding" contract that must be signed upon pickup.