Is A Hedgehog the right pet for you?


Please review and self-answer all of the following questions. If your answer to all of these questions is "YES" than a hedgehog is probably a good pet for your lifestyle and level of commitment.

If you answer "NO" to any of these questions (especially the ones marked with  *), a hedgehog may not be a good fit. If you have * marked questions answered as "no", a hoggo might not be a good match, though you may wish to shoot me an email or text to review your answers and receive more educational material ( as appropriate)


*Are you going to be bothered by getting poked by sharp quills?*

Hedgehogs have thousands of sharp spikes called quills. 

These quills will cause you discomfort if "poked" by them. 

If you do not wish to bet poked or are sensitive to different textures, a hedgehog likely isn't the pet for you (I'm sorry)


*Are you one hundred percent confident that you will be able to provide your hedgehog with a temperature of at least 75 degrees via a supplemental heat source?*

It is absolutely vital that you understand and feel confident in your ability to provide proper temperatures to your hoggo. 

If there is even a slight doubt that you'll be able to do this, then a hoggo sadly isn't the pet for you.


*Are you okay knowing that a hedgehog may not "love you" as portrayed on social media?*

Some hedgehogs just do not enjoy being held that often, it's normal, there is nothing "wrong" with the hedgehog.

When  getting  a hedgehog there is always a risk that it will be/become shy or "huffy". Plenty of socialization can help thwart that but is not a guaranteed preventative. 


*Are you able and willing to provide veterinary care as needed?*

Hoggos need medical care too and it's important to provide routine and as needed emergency care.


Do you have at least 20 minutes to hold your hedgehog per day? 60 minutes for new babies?

For young animals this time can be consistent or split up into three 20 minute or two 30 minute sessions. 

This is especially important with young hoglets. As hedgehogs age they tend to do well with less hands on interaction in order to remain accepting of your presence. 


*Are you able to provide a hedgehog with a safe and appropriate cage that offers a wheel?*

A hoggo appropriate cage is a must when getting a hoggo. See the hedgehog care page if you need to review hedgehog care.


*Are you okay in knowing that your hedgehog has the ability to bite you? *

We sometimes forget that anything with a mouth has the ability to bite. Hedgehogs are extra cute so it seems even easier to forget that they  have little chompers that can be used in defense or curiosity .

A hedgehog's primary defense mechanism is to ball up, however sometimes a hedgehog will bite you.

Usually when a hoggo bites (not when/while anointing or exploring) it is due to stress. 

As an owner of a hoggo you have to be okay knowing that your hedgehog may bite you.


*If you have children are you able to be the hedgehog's primary care taker?*

Children may be inconsistent in providing care to a pet or may loose interest, you'll have to be prepared to oversee all the daily care your hedgie receives. 


*Are you ready to spend the next 4+ years providing care to a hedgehog?*

Hoggos live an average of 4 years in captivity, however the life expectancy is increasing due to better care information and medical treatment. A hedgehog is a commitment for the life time of the hedgehog. You have to be prepared to care for him/her regardless of lost interest or life changes.