Reviews and Hedgie Alumni


Adopters love their hoggos! Here you'll meet some of the Alternative Hedgehog Adoptees

(left) pictured is Simon! 

Simon was a breeder hog here for the first year of his life. He had such a wonderful disposition that it was decided he be placed in a pet home. Here's what Simon's mom has to say about him and the adoption process:

   "Simon has the cutest face of any hedgie I've ever seen. When I saw that he was going to be up for adoption I just had to get him! Crystal was great. I can see she really cares about her animals. She helped me prepare to bring Simon home and even checks in every one in a while."~Therese

"Getting my hedgehog was fun and very educational. She's a very friendly baby."~K

 "I highly recommend you get your hedgehog from crystal. She is completely obsessed with her hedgehogs and it shows in their excellent condition"~DB

"The breeder came shopping for supplies with me very very helpful"~Christina


 "Adopting my hedgehog has been one of the most exciting journeys. The process was amazing, the breeder always answered my calls and was very thorough with what it is like raising a hedgehog. She is very educated and knows what is best for the hoglets. My hedgehog has become my best bud ...."~V


Trooper/ Oliver is doing amazing in his new home! I love receiving all the adorable photos of how much he's grown!


Arlo has an amazing owner who sent me this photo update! He's grown into an absolutely beautiful hoggo!

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