Why hedgehogs? About the breeder


Hedgehogs are fabulous....

...And I'm absolutely obsessed with them. 

 I started working with hedgehogs several years ago. I had obtained a few from a woman who used to breed them. The more time I spent working with these little prickle bums, the more they intrigued me. I would occassionaly breed and hold back some of the offspring, while others went to family and friends. I had no idea "Hedgehog breeding" was actually a 'thing'. I had no idea other people who were hoggo obsessed existed.

  A few years later I found hedgehog groups on social media. I was so excited to know I wasn't alone in my love for hedgehogs! 

I have since obtained stronger pedigreed animals and have developed a  breeding plan. 

I sought USDA licensing in 2017 after learning that it was required to breed hogs & own more than 4 female animals belonging to any regulated species. I wanted to add more female hedgehogs without breaking the law. 

My goal is to produce well rounded animals

Health comes first here. 

I do my best to obtain animals with no documented family history of Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome. 

I also do my best to avoid lineage with frequent occurrence of cancers.

Handling and socialization is key

Every hedgehog here is an individual. 

Each has a unique personality and preferences (in toys, food,bedding type) that are honored.

All of my hedgehogs are handled every day to maintain their tolerance of human presence (because let's face it, some merely tolerate me! :D )

All hoglets born within my care are handled as soon as the mother allows. This is to have as social hoglets as possible. 

( with hoggos Some are naturally more reserved than others, hence why behavior cannot be guaranteed. Daily handling helps maintain the human-hoggo bond)

Looks come last, but sure are fun to work with!

It's taken quite a bit of effort, but I'm very proud of the color and "marking" variety within my herd.  

I do have specific pairs of hedgehogs I keep in order to produce specific colors and markings, as do most breeders. 

The colors I currently work with include; gray, dark gray, albino, Cinnicot, cinnamon, brown, light brown, snowflake brown, champagne, silver/brown white, gray snowflake.

Future goals

My future hoggo goals include obtaining licensing to provide rescue services for hedgehogs in Rhode Island. This will probably happen a while down the road, so for now I donate to hedgehog related and local animal charities to continue helping animals in need. 

I  also have goals to continue building my herd while further diversifying the genetics within my animals.